Photo Album – 2014

I got around a lot in 2014 as you can see in this photo album.  My year started in Israel as I was fortunate that Yael Efron arranged invitations for me to give talks at her school in Zefat.  It so happened that a bunch of FOIs were in Israel at the time and I had a wonderful New Year’s lunch with them, as you will see.  Doug Frenkel and his wife also happened to be in Israel at the time and they arranged for a tour of the Palestinian territories with someone in the group, Seeds for Peace, though I don’t have a good photo of them to post.

At the ABA conference in April, Lisa Blomgren Amsler received the scholarship award.  It was especially neat to see Gina Brown, her former student, present her the award.

I went to the SEALS conference in August and was too busy goofing off to get many good photos of people, but I got a nice shot of Rishi Batra and Andrea.

Finally, I went on the ABA SDR trip to Cuba in November.  I previously blogged about it, including a link to lots of shots from that trip.  The photos on that post don’t include shots of people on the tour except a shot of the whole group. This post has two shots from that trip.

DSC01827 Jerusalem New Year's group

Noam Ebner, Sharon Press, Barry Kantrowitz, John Lande, David Matz, Ann Harrell, and Yael Efron in a Jerusalem cafe on New Year’s Day.

Here are shots from the ABA SDR Conference in Miami.

DSC02685 Lisa scholarship award

Gina Brown presenting the Scholarship Award to Lisa Blomgren Amsler

DSC02662 Tim & Roselle

Tim Hedeen, Roselle Wissler

DSC02704 Bay Area DR

Jay Folberg, Stephanie Smith, Howard Herman

DSC02698 Colleen, Carli, Imre

Colleen Baker, Carli Conklin, Imre Szalai

DSC02696 Cynthia & Peter

Cynthia Alkon, Peter Reilly

DSC02644 Michelle, Noam

Michelle LeBaron, Noam Ebner

DSC02695 Ellen, Kristen, Tracey - fuzzy but good

Ellen Deason, Kristen Blankley, Tracey Frisch

DSC02692 Ron and a feisty Lauren

Ron Aronovsky, Lauren Newell

DSC02691 Lydia, Jen, Phil

Lydia Nussbaum, Jen Reynolds, Phil Moses

DSC02687 Joan n Jill

Joan Stearns Johnsen, Jill Gross

DSC02666 Tim

Tim Hicks

DSC02677 men with beards

Charlie Pillsbury, Terry Amsler, Tim Hedeen, Phil  Moses

DSC02654 Alyson, Mary, Susan

Alyson Carrel, Mary Novak, Susan Yates

DSC02660 Sukh & Jackie

Sukhsimranjit Singh, Jackie Font-Guzmán

DSC02651 John & Noam

John Lande, Noam Ebner

DSC02641 the art of being Art

Art Hinshaw

DSC02670 Susan and Ellen

Susan Exon, Ellen Waldman

DSC02658 Noam, Sharon, & friend

Noam Ebner, friend, Sharon Press


DSC03819 Andrea and Rishi

Andrea Schneider, Rishi Batra at SEALS Conference


DSC04113 Stuart

Stuart Widman in Cuba

DSC04490 three amigos

Jeff Krivis, Brian Breiter, Paul Monicatti  in Cuba (I can’t help but call them the three amigos)

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