More photos?

Thanks to folks for kind words about the series of photo albums.  I realized that they are a unique community resource that I wanted to share and I’m glad that people have enjoyed the photos.

Several people have offered to send me photos to post.   While I was posting my photo albums, I declined because I had enough on my hands to post the ones I did.

Now that I have finished with my albums, I would be happy to post photos from friends and colleagues on the same basis as the ones I posted.  The subjects should be people who many readers of this blog would recognize and the shots generally should not be too formal.  You would need to contact the subjects to see if they would prefer not to have the photos posted, giving them a reasonable amount of time to respond.  You would also need to provide the names of the subjects, hopefully spelled correctly.  And it would help to provide dates, settings etc., as appropriate.  I can do some basic cropping and editing if needed.

If you might be interested, please let me know.

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