Photo Album – 2016 ABA Conference

This is the first in a series of photo albums of friends and colleagues in our field, as described in a recent post.  These shots are from the ABA conference a few weeks ago.

Bob Mnookin received the scholarship award and I was too slow to get a shot of him receiving it from Jean Sternlight, last year’s recipient.  But I did get a nice shot of him with Rich Birke, who worked with him when they were at Stanford.

Since some of the youngsters on this blog are celebrating their 50th birthday this year, we begin with some shots from their birthday celebration.

DSC07071 Happy 50Mariana Hernandez Crespo, Donna Shestowsky, Lydia Nussbaum, Jill Gross, whatshername, Ellen Deason

DSC07068 birthday gang

Alyson Carrel, Sharon Press, Barry Kantrowitz, Michael Moffitt, Maureen Weston, Jim Alfini, Charlie Pillsbury

DSC07067 happy hour

Kelly Olson, Lydia Nussbaum, Donna Shestowsky, Phil Moses

DSC07087 Bob and Rich

Bob Mnookin, Rich Birke

DSC07081 Divided Community panel

Grande Lum, Nathan Sheard, Lisa Foster, Nancy Rogers, Matthew Lattimer, from the Divided Community session

DSC07080 Dwight and Jay

Dwight Golann, Jay Folberg

DSC07044 Sharon and Debra

Sharon Press, Debra Berman

DSC07040 Russ and Peter

Russ Bleemer, Peter Phillips

DSC07076 DR gang

Nancy Ver Steegh, Sharon Press, Alyson Carrel, Susan Exon, Matthew Conger

DSC07058 Phil and Marvin

Phil Moses, Marvin Johnson

DSC07074 wild partiers

Bill Froehlich, Kristen Blankley, Noam Ebner, Maureen Weston

DSC07091 Peter and Lisa

Peter Benner, Lisa Blomgren Amsler

DSC07094 LEC bunch

Back row:  Carol Liebman, Terry Amsler, Elayne Greenberg.  Front row:  Jan Martinez, Donna Stienstra, Donna Shestowsky, Jackie Font-Guzmán

DSC07055 Hal

Hal Abramson

DSC07065 affectionate moment

Jim Alfini, Kelly Olson

DSC07051 Divided Community united

Nancy Rogers, Josh Stulberg, Margaret Shaw, Grande Lum, Bill Froehlich

DSC07035 Cathy and Michael

Cathy Costantino, Michael Colatrella

DSC07037 Rich and Kim

Rich Birke, Kim Taylor

DSC07048 Ruth

Ruth Glick

DSC07033 John Yael Noam

John Lande, Yael Efron, Noam Ebner

DSC07103 Ken and Carol

Ken Fox, Carol Pauli

DSC07106 fab four

Art Hinshaw, Carrie Kass, Alyson Carrel, Alan Boudreau

DSC07096 Noam Melissa Yael

Noam Ebner, Melissa Manwaring, Yael Efron

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