Moritz College of Law’s Nancy Rogers Wins CPR Professional Article Award

I am excited to announce that Professor Nancy Rogers won the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution’s Outstanding Professional Article Award for her recently published piece, When Conflicts Polarize Communities: Designing Localized Offices that Intervene Collaboratively, 30 Ohio St. Journal on D.R. 173 (2015). (on Westlaw and SSRN). Nancy wrote this article after giving the Schwartz Lecture on this topic at Moritz in Spring 2014. As many of you know, this is but the most recent accolade for her sustained commitment to alternative dispute resolution. Congratulations, Nancy!

One thought on “Moritz College of Law’s Nancy Rogers Wins CPR Professional Article Award”

  1. Nancy’s award is very timely and well-deserved. We seem to be in an era of sharply increased social conflict with limited resources to help to manage it. Nancy’s article recommends the development of state and local offices to supplement the work of the U.S. Community Relations Service to help deal with these conflicts.

    In an earlier post, I noted emails I had gotten about whether academic programs like mine at Missouri could help deal with conflicts like the one we experienced last fall on our campus. I expressed doubt that we had the resources or capability to effectively help.

    Nancy’s article illustrates why this is so hard. It takes A LOT of hard work before, during, and after conflict boils over. Her article details the difficult practical problems even when there are offices set up to deal with these problems. It is a very important contribution to the field of dispute system design and anyone interested in that field should certainly take a look. Thank you, Nancy.

    I just checked CPR’s announcement of the awards and see that Joel Lee, who you may know from the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project, won an honorable mention. Tom Stipanowich received the James F. Henry award. Salvatore Bonaccorso won the Joseph T. McLaughlin Original Student Article Award and Cardozo student Joseph Kammerman received an honorable mention. Click here for more details. Congratulations to all.

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