Definitive Answers to Unanswerable Law Review Submission Questions

For those of us who angst when it comes to law review submission season, my colleague Rhett Larson recently answered several law review submission questions that arise every year.

There is a quote attributed to the screenwriter William Goldman regarding Hollywood – “Nobody knows anything.” I increasingly feel like this applies to article submission strategies. Everybody has their ideas about timing and titles, word counts and body/footnote ratios. Nobody knows what they’re talking about. Nevertheless, this post will now definitively answer these questions for all time with no more need for disputes or discussion.

While his answers to the unanswerable should provide some solace to many, he closes with this caveat.

If at any time in history anyone has ever achieved any measure of success in article placement despite ignoring this advice, that success can only be attributed to witchcraft.

And I always thought it had something to do with aliens.  Glad that’s straightened out.

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  1. I saw this original post on Prawfsblog and thought it was really clever, so I’m glad you reposted here!

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