Negotiation Poetry

As John Lande blogged last week, I have used the Recipes for Success as a fun closing exercise in both my ADR and Negotiation classes.  This was such a great example that I thought I would share–it sure brightened my day amidst the rest of my grading!

From student Adam Dejulio:

1 cup of creativity,

Your mind out side the box,

1 half cup assertive,

To break the stubborn lock,


2 cups of flexibility,

When forced off beaten track,

A Teaspoon of objective,

Against bias will push back,


A tablespoon of candid,

To make your needs be known,

A splash of sympathetic,

Opponent’s wants now shown,


A hefty dose of listening,

All wish themselves be heard,

Revealing others positioning,

Although some be absurd,


A pint of ethicality,

Best not to break the law,

A pinch of spontaneity,

Tilt to you the see-saw,


A heaping pile of humor,

Just to top the cake,

Or perhaps to use it sooner,

For breaking ice’s sake,


And of course to be a learner,

From teachers most profound,

I’m off to start my bender,

Graduation parties abound!


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