Updates on current and former FINRA Dispute Resolution executives

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post here – and now have a few (almost outdated) updates about FINRA Dispute Resolution leaders – both past and present.  In September, Linda Fienberg, long-time leader at FINRA Dispute Resolution announced that she would retire as of November 30.  FINRA CEO Rick Ketchum tapped Rick Berry, Senior VP and Director of Case Administration, to replace her, promoting him to Executive VP and Director of Dispute Resolution.  I wish Rick well in his new role, and know him to be a highly capable and effective leader.

One wonders whether the post-retirement Linda will continue to have a voice in the securities ADR world, like her former colleague George Friedman.  Far from fading out of sight, former Director of Arbitration George Friedman has used his post-FINRA retirement time to write prolifically about arbitration.  Given his many years as an ADR forum executive, he brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to his writings, which are usually quite insightful, predictive, and uncannily accurate.  A recent example here predicts the impact of the midterm elections on consumer arbitration.  His article on Technology, Alternative DIspute Resolution and the Insurance Industry predicts how technology will impact ADR.  I look forward to reading further predictions from George!

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