Another new ADR Dean – Bo Rutledge

Peter B. “Bo” Rutledge has been named Dean at the University of Georgia School of Law.  Press release here.  Congrats Bo !!

By my count, here are the ADR Deans off the top of my head: Brown (Quinnipiac),  Guthrie (Vandy), Kloppenberg (Santa Clara), and our very own Moffit (Oregon).  Now we add Paul (Montana) and Bo to the mix.  I presume I’ve left someone out, did I?

3 thoughts on “Another new ADR Dean – Bo Rutledge”

  1. Currently, there are at least a few more ADR deans including Lisa Kloppenberg (Santa Clara) and Henry “Corky” Strickland (Samford).

    There are quite a number of ADR former deans including Bob Ackerman (Wayne State) Jim Alfini (Northern Illinois and South Texas), John DiPippa (University of Arkansas-Little Rock), John Feerick (Fordham), Jay Folberg (University of San Francisco), Bryant Garth (Indiana-Bloomington and Southwestern), Lisa Kloppenberg (Dayton), Bob Moberly (Arkansas), Nancy Rogers (Ohio State), and Kent Syverud (Vanderbilt and Washington University). Some of these colleagues contributed to the DR field, though this was not their main focus.

    And there is a long list of ADR current and former associate deans.

    I probably missed some – apologies if you were omitted.

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