Introducing a New Contributor – John Lande

John Lande (Missouri) is someone who should need no introduction to readers of this blog as he’s been involved in just about every academic and professional ADR group and initiative over the years. John’s work has touched on so many facets of the field – negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, and Dispute Systems Design – not to mention all of the work he’s done through the ABA Dispute Resolution Section. But I can’t be an uncritical admirer; John does have at least one area where he could improve – photography. If you don’t already know, John always has a camera at the ready. Be careful when he’s around.

More seriously, here’s some advice that John received years ago, which is worthy of sharing:

Be open to the reality and complexity of ADR. Have a balanced perspective. Don’t be an uncritical cheerleader or a relentless critic.

He’s followed this advice in his writings, and I expect that will continue here.

Welcome John, it’s great to have you join the team.

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