Lisa Bingham and Terry Amsler Update

As regular readers of this blog will know, our friends Lisa Bingham and Terry Amsler were in a serious accident in London resulting in their hospitalization.   Naturally the people at the Indiana University have the most up to date information on their respective conditions, and here’s the latest from Dean David Reingold of Indiana’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs:

As we return from the break there is much good news to share about the progress SPEA faculty member Lisa Bingham and her friend Terry Amsler are making in London as they recover from serious injuries suffered in an accident. Foremost, there is a good chance Lisa could return to Indiana later this week to continue her rehabilitation at a facility in Indianapolis. Terry isn’t ready yet for that step but his recovery is on pace, as well. Lisa is now able to sit up and speak and is nearing the time when she can breathe entirely without assistance. She is smiling, listening, processing information and asking cogent questions. We should have a better idea about the timeline for Lisa’s return to Indiana in the next day or so and will share that information with you.

What a relief to have good news on this front.

hat tip – Jean Sternlight

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  1. Thanks for the good news. With the ABA DR Section conference coming up, especially the Court Symposium, I am keenly aware of Lisa’s absence.

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