Greetings from the Works-in-Progress Conference

I’m sitting here the WIP Conference and it’s been a fabulous day so far.  I say that because there  have been some fantastic presentations, and at this point (mid-afternoon) two that have stood out were from Jen Reynolds (propaganda, persuasion, manipulation, and how we teach negotiation) and Ken Kressel (tacit knowledge of mediators).  At this point I’m not able to give more details b/c the day is just flying by and there’s no way to do any real sort of meaningful live blogging of the event.  So my fellow Indisputably contributors who are here (Sara, Andrea, Jen, Cynthia, and Paul) and I have devised a method to get the information out.  It will be coming over the next several days (weeks?) including abstracts and reactions to articles.  The idea is that this will be a better way to present the information to you, our valued reader.

So far it is a fantastic conference, and I’d be remiss if I failed to say that the students at the Ohio State Journal of Conflict Resolution are doing a fantastic job hosting.  We who are here are most appreciative of your good work.  And just so you know, if you have a chance to  make it to the WIP Conference in the future, you absolutely should.

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