Facutly Hiring at Pepperdine

If you want to experience lovely Malibu, California on a daily basis you will be glad to know that Pepperdine is looking to hire in the ADR areana this year.  Note that 2 of the 3 people on the lateral subcommittee (Stipanowich and Weston) are affiliated with the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution.  Here’s the ad.

Pepperdine U. School of Law is seeking to fill one or more tenure-track positions on our faculty, as well as a position for an experienced clinician. Shelley R. Saxer (shelley.saxer@pepperdine.edu) is the chair of the faculty appointments committee. The entry-level subcommittee includes Barry P. McDonald (vice-chair) (barry.mcdonald@pepperdine.edu), Robert Anderson IV, and Naomi Goodno. The lateral subcommittee includes Robert J. Pushaw (vice-chair) (robert.pushaw@pepperdine.edu), Thomas J. Stipanowich, and Maureen Arellano Weston. Applicants from all subject areas are welcome. Some of the teaching subjects of special interest to us this year include Intellectual Property, Entertainment/Media Law, International Law, Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Land Finance/Real Property Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

hat tip – The Faculty Lounge.



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