The Cleveland Browns Lose … but it’s actually news

I know that word that the Cleveland Browns have suffered a defeat is surprising only because we are not presently in the midst of a football season.  But [insert your own joke here about how losing habits die hard, know no season, etc.  As a school-aged Ohioan in the Mike Phipps and Brian Sipe eras, I’ve heard them all.]

Word came yesterday, though, that the Cleveland Browns lost their appeal to the Supreme Court to have it hear their argument about why a claim brought by a former player for a career-ending staph infection should be compelled into arbitration under the NFL collective bargaining agreement.  (Brief story here.)

Honestly, I’ll save you all the trouble and go ahead and observe that only the Cleveland Browns could manage to lose an argument to compel arbitration before our current Supreme Court.

There, I said it.

Anybody mentions The Fumble, The Drive, or John Elway, and I’ll become violent.


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