Faculty Roster Changes

As with every year, many ADR profs have changed locations.  The list is below, and if we’ve missed someone please include the information in a comment.

New to Academia (Entry Level)

Hiro Aragaki – Loyola (Los Angeles) (from Fordham B-School)

Carli Conklin – Missouri

Deborah Thompson Eisenberg – Maryland

Urska Velikonja – Maryland (former ASU O’Connor Fellow)

Changing Schools

Roger Alford – Pepperdine to Notre Dame

Erin Ryan – William & Mary to Lewis & Clark

Visiting Gigs

Lisa Bingham (Indiana) – UNLV 

Amy Cohen (Ohio State) – Oregon (visitor – Spring ’12)

Ellen Deason (Ohio State) – Oregon (visitor – Fall ’12)

Ilhyung Lee (Missouri) – Case Western

Len Riskin (Florida) – Northwestern

Other Categories

Donna Erez – Wisconsin (new to academia – 1 yr. clinical visit)

Sarah Light – Brooklyn (Visiting Assistant Professor)

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