Online Directory of Law School ADR Programs

From Jen Reynolds (Oregon) and Gina Brown (ABA DR Section).

This is the once-a-year reminder we send out about the online directory the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and the University of Oregon School of Law have been working together for several years to maintain.

The directory appears at:

We hope that you will take five minutes in the next few weeks to review your school’s profile to make sure it is accurate and up to date with your current ADR courses and programs. This information is useful to prospective students and to schools that are developing or making changes to their curriculum.   If the information listed for your school is incomplete or out of date, please send Jen Reynolds an email, and she’ll send you a login and password so that you can update your school’s information.

Thank you, in advance, for taking a few minutes to review your school’s profile. Please let us know if we can be helpful.

With all good wishes,

Jen & Gina

Gina Brown
Associate Director, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
(202) 212-9315

Jen Reynolds
Assistant Professor
Associate Director, ADR Center
The University of Oregon School of Law
( 541) 346-3691

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  1. Hi Tom! You only need a password if you are updating a school profile – if that’s the case, let me know ( and I will send it to you. Otherwise, you should be able to search the site ( Thanks very much! Jen

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