Paul Kirgis, Now an Official Indisputably Contributor

About a year ago or so the Indisputably crew asked Paul Kirgis, Associate Dean at St.John’s University in New York City, if he wanted to join the crew and become a blogger. Wisely, he suggested acting as a stealth blogger to see if he’d like it or not.  As regular readers know, his “stealth” posts were routinely thoughtful and insightful, and some folks wondered why he wasn’t listed as a contributor.  We wanted him to be a contributor, so at the ABA DR Section Conference in Denver I asked if was ready to make the leap.   Modestly he stated that he liked his stealth status as there was no pressure associated with his role.  Luckily for us Paul has finally agreed to accept the pressure of being a regular contributor to this site. 

Welcome fully aboard Paul !!

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