US News ADR Rankings

Lots of things  happened while I was in Israel, including the annual release of the US News law school rankings.  Of course, we’re interested in the ADR rankings, which are based on peer assessment as  compared to the USNews overall law school rankings which are based on a formula that’s always controversial.  Without any further adieu, here they are in their entirety.  Congratulations to all, most notably Pepperdine which tops the rankings for another year.

1.            Pepperdine

2.            Harvard

3.            Hamline

4.            Missouri

5.            Ohio State

6.            Marquette and Cardozo (tie)

8.            Oregon

9.            UNLV

10.          Hastings

11.          Fordham

12.          Georgetown

13.          Willamette

14           Northwestern

15.          Creighton and Stanford (tie)

17.          Penn State and Quinnipiac (tie)

19.          Florida

** Apologies for an unintentional error in my transcription – it’s now accurate.

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  1. Congratulations to UC Hastings, where I received my LL.M. Degree. This law school has a terrific ADR program and wonderful professors!

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