So It’s Come to This

Rick Bales from the Workplace Prof Blog sends us this, which he calls “A New Low in Arbitration.”  I call it the best of the worst – it’s awesome.  His blog post is below.

Rachel Arnow-Richman (Denver) sends us this, via Dan Barnhizer’s (Michigan State) post to the Contracts listserv.  It is an arbitration “agreement” taped to the front door of a Whataburger.  Ellen Dannin (Penn State) adds that the “American Mediation Association” referred to in the “agreement” is really the office of “Robert Smith & Associates“, a law firm in Dallas.

Years ago, I argued that the Supreme Court’s arbitration jurisprudence would just about let a grocery store compel a customer’s arbitration merely by printing an arbitration clause on a grocery receipt.  It now appears that we have sunk so low.


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