ADR Works-In-Progress Lineup

Below is a listing of the presenters at the Works-In-Progress Conference later this week, here at Oregon.  Stay tuned for more!


Cynthia Alkon, Texas Wesleyan: Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic:
Rule of law development assistance to countries in conflict

Hiro Aragaki, Fordham Business School: Arbitration’s Suspect Status

Rich Birke, Willamette: A Neuroscientific Basis for the Confrontation
Clause and the Right to Trial by Jury: Law as a Mirror of the Mind

Kristin Blankley, Nebraska: Can You Keep a Secret?  Confidentiality in
Same-Neutral Med-Arb

Thomas Burch, Florida State: Formalism, Liberalism, and Pragmatism in
Mandatory Arbitration

Michael Green, Texas Wesleyan: Alternative Dispute Resolution of
Employment Discrimination Claims: Does Race Matter When Reading Ricci
and Pyett?

Paul Kirgis, St. John’s: Leverage and Coercion in Negotiation

Ran Kuttner, Creighton: Conflict Specialists as Leaders

Melissa Manwaring, Babson College: Shattering the Mirror: Using a
“Reputation Index” To Provide Peer Feedback in a Negotiation Course

Margaret Moses, Loyola University of Chicago: Incoherence in Party
Autonomy to Arbitrate

Kelly Browe Olson, University of Arkansas – Little Rock

Peter Reilly, Texas Wesleyan

Jen Reynolds, Oregon: Fixing Gasperini

Deborah Schmedemann, William Mitchell: Navigating the Murky Waters of
Untruth in Negotiation:  Lessons for Ethical Lawyers

Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Marquette: Likeability v. Competence Choice –
How Female Lawyers Can Avoid this Double Bind

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