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Hello. I’m Kelly Browe Olson and I teach at the Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I’m reintroducing myself as a guest blogger.  While Art Hinshaw was kind enough to introduce me earlier this summer, I haven’t been able to start blogging until now.  As Art shared, my job titles include Director of Clinical Programs and Associate Professor.  Unofficially my staff calls me the Goddess of Mediation because I run multiple programs and most of the people who call to request mediation mention my name.  At least that’s the reason my staff has given me…

Our mediation clinic handles all types of cases, but our focus is on families and children.  We run two statewide programs in mediation, one in special education and another in the juvenile courts, handling dependency/neglect and FINS (families in need of services) cases.  There are also domestic relations and never-married parents cases and small claims cases.  I have also taught Family Law, ADR, family mediation seminars and a Domestic Violence course.  This semester I am teaching the mediation clinic and rolling out a statewide mentor program for new juvenile mediators.  I will be on sabbatical next term to write a book on Family Issues in ADR from child protection cases through elder guardianship. 

As you might have surmised, I’ll be looking at the full range of family ADR issues.  I’m looking forward to contributing here on a regular basis and hearing from you as we progress through the year.

4 thoughts on “All in the Family ADR”

  1. Welcome, Kelly. We are starting a Mediation Clinic at the College of William&Mary, staffed by students from the Law School certified by the Virginia Supreme Court. I would be interested in receiving any suggestions you or other Professors may have regarding the same. Thanks.

  2. What kind of clinic are you starting? What kinds of cases will your students be mediating? There are lots of different kinds of mediation clinics out there, and I think their structures are generally best driven by the types / sources of cases.

  3. I’m happy to share resources. As Michael says there are many different types of clinics and they have a variety of models. Send me an email and we can discuss your model.

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