Elder Mediation in the Wall Street Journal

I am linking here to an article last week discussing how mediation is more and more prevalent in dealing with elder law issues.   Lovely to see this discussed in the Wall Street Journal and explained quite well.  Hat tip to my assistant Carrie for sending me the article!  

5 thoughts on “Elder Mediation in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. Mediation is becoming more and more popular. And why shouldn’t it? It’s typically faster and cheaper than going through court, with the added benefit of being confidential. What’s to lose?

  2. I agree with the article, as well as the posts of the other commentors.

    I’d like to note though, that aside from elder mediation, a lot of employment and business disputes are opting for mediation more now instead of litigation and are generally more happy with the results. Lawsuits, especially those between families and former employees can really be painful and stressful — mediation is a much easier and cheaper pill to swallow as a remedy to the conflict.


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