Only in New York…

Yesterday, according to this New York Times article, at a New York Knicks exhibition game at Madison Square Garden against Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, a rabbi utilized conflict resolution techniques to convince the Maccabi team’s coach to leave the floor after being ejected by the referee for challenging a call (it was the coach’s second technical foul of the game, grounds for automatic ejection).   First, Rabbi Grossman, a spectator and founder of the Israeli not-for-profit organization that was benefiting from the proceeds of the charity event (a center for orphans and abused children), tried to persuade the referee to change his call.  He tried to convince the ref to forgive the coach in the name of friendship, since this was a charity event, after all.  After that failed, Rabbi Grossman gingerly persuaded the reluctant coach to leave the playing floor, while the Knicks players started an all-in-fun half-court shooting contest as they waited for the dispute to be resolved.  Only in New York….

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