ADR Blogging Makes an Appearance in Print

The Summer edition of Dispute Resolution Magazine runs an article by Diane Levin (a familiar name to those in the online ADR community because she is the brain behind  Likening us to 18th century English coffehouses (where is my double-shot latte, by the way?), Diane thoughtfully describes the blog phenomenon in a way that risks being accessible to those who are not already participants.  Reading the article made me realize how much is out there, how much I have taken for granted, and how much I wish I could spend a little more time reading others’ thoughts.  Bravo to Diane and to DRM for the article.

Michael Moffitt

2 thoughts on “ADR Blogging Makes an Appearance in Print”

  1. The internet has made it so easy for anyone to blog to their hearts’ content about anything they want. It’s not surprising that lawyers have taken up blogging about the legal world.

  2. Hey there, Michael, thanks for the nice words about the article. I really appreciate it! Tell you what, if you ever get to Boston, that double latte’s on me. Or beer. Your choice.

    As an aside, what a bummer that the publishers have made that article available only to those with access to Westlaw or who have ABA-Dispute Res memberships. Kind of contradicts the whole premise of blogging. It’s my one regret about writing it. Bloggers like me tend to be big fans of free stuff readily available on the web. (It’s one reason why I’m a member of the Michael Moffitt Fan Club – you always make sure that the articles you write are easy for anyone to get their hands on. All scholars and scholarship should be like that.)


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