World Trade Center Developer Threatens Arbitration

The Associated Press reports:  “The private developer of the World Trade Center site threatened Monday to go to an arbitrator unless he and the site’s owner quickly settle a monthslong impasse over how much each should pay to build office towers at ground zero.” 

How sad to see the terms “arbitrator” and “threaten” in the same sentence

3 thoughts on “World Trade Center Developer Threatens Arbitration”

  1. This does not offend me. It seems to me that all the developer is saying is we must either negotiate a resolution or we will go to arbitration. After a month at impasse, maybe you’re entitled to suggest another method of resolving the dispute.

  2. Well, something must get done. It’s nearly eight years since the attack and even with all the very public unveilings of plans for the site, it’s still essentially a hole in the ground.

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