Restorative Justice in Texas and Beyond

This week academics and practitioners will join together at the 2nd National Conference on Restorative Justice:  “Mainstreaming Restorative Justice: Empowering Communities, Restoring Responsibility” at the University of Texas at San Antonio, on May 13-15, 2009.

According to the website: 

“The National Conference on Restorative Justice will feature four primary program tracks.  These tracks are: Academic and Research, Faith and Community Collaborations, Indigenous Practices and Justice System Applications.  In addition, the first day of the conference will include an Introduction to Restorative Justice for those new to restorative justice concepts.   The keynote speeches at plenary sessions, panel presentations and workshops will cover the spectrum of restorative and community justice issues, practices and research.  Each track will offer about ten hours of programming distributed throughout the conference schedule.  Many of the worlds leading experts will speak at the conference.” 

The scheduled keynote speakers include Dr. Kathleen Daly, Griffith University, Australia;  Dr. Mark Umbreit, University of Minnesota; Dr. Gordon Bazemore, Florida International University; Mr. John Sage, Founder and Executive Director, Bridges to Life; Prof. Jennifer Llewellyn, Dalhousie Law School, Canada;  Dr. Michael Hadley, Professor Emeritus of the University of Victoria, Canada; Dr. Paul McCold, Centre for Restorative Justice of Simon Fraser University, Canada;  Chief Judge Robert Yazzie, Navajo Nations; and Ms. Raven Kazen, Former Director of Victim Services, Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 

Further information is available on the website:


The 3rd National Conference will be held in May 2011 at Campbell University, Norman Wiggins School of Law, in Raleigh, NC.  Anyone interested in proposing topics for panels or workshops should contact the Lead Organizer for the conference, Professor Jon Powell at



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