Law Schools Customize Degrees to Students’ Taste…

The Chrnonicle of Higher Education ran an article by this title today.  In it, they talk about the trend in some law schools toward having specializations within the JD program and with joint-degree programs.

Predictably, some think it’s a great idea (showing off the strengths of the school, tailoring to the needs of the students, etc).  Some think it’s a lousy idea (poorly coordinated programs, out of touch with the market, “faddish,” etc.).  Everyone seems to think that it’s more attractive to prospective students.

None of the examples included a discussion of some law schools’ efforts in Dispute Resolution.  I doubt we’d be immune from the same praise or critique.

Perhaps the good folks at The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law will help us sort all this out when they hold their “Future of ADR” symposium later this Spring.  (Sarah or others, please insert link to program when you have a chance!)

Michael Moffitt

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