More evidence of the demise of Manifest Disregard

Although I have not had a chance to read the case or this article, I thought readers would like to know that is reporting that:

The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned a ruling by the Ninth Circuit that partially vacated an arbitration award based on manifest disregard of the law and instructed the appeals court to reconsider its holding in light of the Hall Street ruling.

3 thoughts on “More evidence of the demise of Manifest Disregard”

  1. The case (I found it from the ADR World article) is Improv West Associates, et al. v. Comedy Club, Inc., et al. (No. 07-1334) . The Supreme Court’s order was on Oct 6.

    Thanks to and Justin Kelly who wrote the story.

  2. Hello,

    I don’t have access to for this cite at the moment — if anyone has the cite, please send it to me. And, please credit with announcing this case!

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