Dispute Systems Design Symposium at Harvard Law School – Part 2

Yesterday, I provided a link to the live blogging going on at the DSD symposium at Harvard Law School, and I erroneously linked only to the blog associated with yesterday afternoon’s panel on DSD in organizational settings.  The live blogging takes place on a session-by-session basis, and the general portal is found at http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/hnmcp/2008/03/03/.  Today’s panels include a focus on DSD in international settings, in crises circumstances, in nation building, and on emerging issues in DSD.It’s not clear to me how meaningful the collective blog entries might be for those who are not sitting in the audience, but I recommend them nonetheless as a way to get a taste for the issues being raised by the panelists in this outstanding symposium.  And I renew my hope that the symposium organizers will make video available as soon as possible. Michael Moffitt  

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