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Mandatory Minimums and Plea Bargaining

Scott Hechinger, attorney and policy director for the Brooklyn Defender Services, has a fascinating op-ed in today’s New York Times, calling for the end of mandatory minimums. He argues that one of the problems with mandatory minimums is that they make police misconduct more difficult to manage. From the perspective of negotiation, mandatory minimums represent … Continue reading Mandatory Minimums and Plea Bargaining

Long-Term Healthcare Arbitration Update

Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a revised rule (the 2019 Final Rule) removing the prohibition in the 2016 Rule on pre-dispute arbitration agreements for long-term healthcare facilities but keeping provisions from the 2016 rule “banning facilities from requiring that residents sign arbitration agreements as a condition of admission to … Continue reading Long-Term Healthcare Arbitration Update

Women Saying Sorry

Interesting addition to our ongoing discussion about apologies: Check out this TedTalk about how women overapologize, and how too many “I’m sorrys” can relate to or exacerbate problems with confidence, participation, and voice. Canadian sociologist Maja Jovanovic starts with a fascinating story about women academics at a conference downplaying their own expertise. From this writeup: … Continue reading Women Saying Sorry