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Cohen (Ohio State) on Negotiation and Political Economy

FOI Amy Cohen has published a post on the Law and Political Economy blog describing her new article, “A Labor Theory of Negotiation: From Integration to Value Creation.” I was fortunate to read an early version of this article — it’s incredible! Here’s an excerpt from that post that gives you a sense of her … Continue reading Cohen (Ohio State) on Negotiation and Political Economy

Sample Proposal Formats for Star Wars Book

Since posting our call for papers, we have received several inquiries about what a proposal for Star Wars and Conflict Resolution should look like. The short answer is that we are not expecting any particular format or presentation. We are delighted to receive proposals that make sense (in terms of organization, structure, specificity, whether to … Continue reading Sample Proposal Formats for Star Wars Book

Mandatory Minimums and Plea Bargaining

Scott Hechinger, attorney and policy director for the Brooklyn Defender Services, has a fascinating op-ed in today’s New York Times, calling for the end of mandatory minimums. He argues that one of the problems with mandatory minimums is that they make police misconduct more difficult to manage. From the perspective of negotiation, mandatory minimums represent … Continue reading Mandatory Minimums and Plea Bargaining

Long-Term Healthcare Arbitration Update

Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a revised rule (the 2019 Final Rule) removing the prohibition in the 2016 Rule on pre-dispute arbitration agreements for long-term healthcare facilities but keeping provisions from the 2016 rule “banning facilities from requiring that residents sign arbitration agreements as a condition of admission to … Continue reading Long-Term Healthcare Arbitration Update