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Women Saying Sorry

Interesting addition to our ongoing discussion about apologies: Check out this TedTalk about how women overapologize, and how too many “I’m sorrys” can relate to or exacerbate problems with confidence, participation, and voice. Canadian sociologist Maja Jovanovic starts with a fascinating story about women academics at a conference downplaying their own expertise. From this writeup: … Continue reading Women Saying Sorry

Being Assertive

This video of talk show host James Corden pranking soccer star David Beckham provides a fascinating example of remaining composed and assertive in the midst of strong emotions. Note, however, that the emotions make it hard for Beckham to brainstorm options, even though he knows that the status quo is unacceptable.

Brown (Quinnipiac) on Free Speech on Campus

You may have heard that President Trump said he would sign an executive order guaranteeing free speech on college campuses. With that in mind, let me recommend Jen Gerarda Brown’s wonderful essay, “Four Questions About Free Speech and Campus Conflict,” written for a symposium at Missouri last year. Jen points out that categorizing speech-related conflicts … Continue reading Brown (Quinnipiac) on Free Speech on Campus

HBO’s Brexit

HBO’s new feature, “Brexit,” stars Benedict Cumberbatch and dramatizes the events leading to the Brexit referendum. Check out the trailer here. Watching the film makes you appreciate how fragile our democracy is, especially (and perhaps ironically) in the information age. When we frame something as a referendum, we have the sense that we are encouraging … Continue reading HBO’s Brexit

Ebner on Cross-Cultural Transactions

From FOI Noam Ebner (Creighton): I’m very excited to share that my book, co-edited with friend and colleague Prof. Ayub Khan, has been published. The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation goes far beyond ‘negotiation with a business twist.’ After covering the basics, the book focuses on the realities of contemporary international business, in which … Continue reading Ebner on Cross-Cultural Transactions