Alyson Carrel to Deliver Moritz’s 2020 Lawrence Lecture – Virtually

On Tuesday September 22, 2020 (beginning at 12:10 eastern), Alyson Carrel will deliver The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s 2020 Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution:
“Reimagining Negotiation for the 21st Century.” Here is the description from OSU’s website.

The current pandemics have forced the ADR field (and the world) to embrace the growing role of technology and reckon with the continuing racism plaguing our society. It is at this moment that we must reflect on the history of the dispute resolution field and recognize opportunities to harness our newfound comfort with technology to address often ignored or sidelined social critiques of our field. In this presentation, Professor Carrel will discuss her recent articles exploring how tools such as litigation analytics and multi-party secure computation may innovate our processes in ways that allow us to address longstanding debates or concerns and reimagine negotiation in the 21st-century.

Register here.

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