A Loss And An Opportunity

This is a joint message from Nancy Welsh and myself:

We at Texas A&M Law have some news to report that is both happy and sad.

Let’s start with the sad part.  Our wonderful colleague and friend, Michael Z. Green, is going to be leaving us in Fall 2021 to join Chicago-Kent College of Law as professor of law.  We are very sorry to lose him, and for so many reasons – his wisdom, his humor, his energy, his intelligence, and his friendship.  We could go on.

Now the good news.  This is a wonderful move for Michael.  Although he is clearly an important member of our dispute resolution community, his first love has always been workplace law.  Michael comes to arbitration and mediation through employment and labor relations.  And he is leaving us to become Director of Chicago-Kent College of Law’s top-ranked Institute for Law and the Workplace.  Another benefit for Michael – Chicago is home for him and most of his family.   For an announcement by Chicago-Kent see here.

We are determined to be happy for Michael.  We are very grateful that we have him here for this academic year!  Michael is a wonderful contributor to our community, both at Texas A&M and in the wider dispute resolution field, and we have been very fortunate to have him here for all these years.

Nancy & Cynthia


2 thoughts on “A Loss And An Opportunity”

  1. I just wanted to let you all know that this public message from two of my dear and amazingly wonderful colleagues at Texas A&M just shows how great the Aggie Dispute Resolution program is. It is tough to leave such an outstanding group of colleagues. But I found an equally exciting opportunity. Regardless, I thank Cynthia Alkon and Nancy Welsh for this very kind message as well as the number of other colleagues who have contacted me to congratulate me as I will pursue this new and exciting challenge at Chicago Kent. I cannot thank Cynthia and Nancy enough for kind words mentioned here.

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