Averted Mediation System Takeover in Ukraine

Tatiana Kyselova of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine posted this interesting summary of a recent potential takeover of the Ukrainian mediation system by Ukrainian MPs, complete with a YouTube video about the proceedings.  According to the article, the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine organized opposition and were able to stop the last minute Parliamentary attempt to force through new centralized regulations.


The proceedings are in Ukrainian, but I’m interested in the fact that it was recorded and posted. I wonder how/if that influenced the outcome.


2 thoughts on “Averted Mediation System Takeover in Ukraine”

  1. Tatiana is a visiting scholar at the Uppsala University’s Peace & Conflict Research Department, where I’m also a visiting fellow this year. She mentioned that Ukrainian mediation has been like a sleeping beauty- awakened by recent events that caused people to realize they need to help themselves. Hopefully we’ll hear more from her on the fascinating evolution of mediation in Ukraine.

  2. Dear Colleagues, thank you for your support. Now, the new – real – draft law on mediation, that comes from Ukrainian mediators, is in the Parliament again. Attempt No 12! Keep fingers cross for it to come through.

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