Institute for Women’s Leadership at Marquette

I am delighted to post here that I have been named the first director of Marquette’s new Institute for Women’s Leadership. Here is proof that research can lead to action! The announcement is here.   And I’m looking forward to supporting more innovative, cross-disciplinary research and programming that I hope will make a difference on campus, in Milwaukee, and nationally. Anyone with any favorite ideas for research they’d like to see and/or excellent programming from their university, I am happy to learn! Please feel free to reach out.

7 thoughts on “Institute for Women’s Leadership at Marquette”

  1. Congratulations Andrea! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you’ll accomplish as you bring your signature enthusiasm, warmth, and intelligence to this task.

  2. You will be terrific! There are great ways to connect dispute resolution to leadership. Chris Guthrie spoke on this at Pepperdine and Michael Colatrella is presenting on topic at the works in progress conference in Las Vegas.

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