National Academy of Arbitrators Gives Award to Rafael Gely for Arbitration Website

My colleague, Bob Bailey, just passed along the news that our colleague at the University of Missouri, Rafael Gely, just received the David Petersen Award from the National Academy of Arbitrators.  Rafael directs our Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution and is a fabulous colleague and leader.  Here’s the announcement of the award, which is extremely well deserved:

The National Academy of Arbitrators conferred upon Rafael Gely the David Petersen Award at its annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The David Petersen Award recognizes and honors individuals who have given invaluable service to the Academy.

The Academy conferred the Petersen Award because of Professor Gely’s instrumental role in the startup and continual maintenance of, the neutral website which is a joint venture of the National Academy of Arbitrators and the University of Missouri School of Law.  Through Professor Gely’s work as an editor of the site, he has written content on a regular basis, designed and updated the site, supervised student assistants, and crucially connected with journals both before and after articles are written.  The Academy notes the creation of the website provided a source of information and education regarding arbitration for journalists, professionals, and the public. The Academy believes that the website has immeasurably improved the discourse and understanding of labor and employment arbitration in both United States and Canada.


3 thoughts on “National Academy of Arbitrators Gives Award to Rafael Gely for Arbitration Website”

  1. Kudos to Rafael Gely for winning such a prestigious honor. Indeed it was so selfless and great on his part for contributing so much by maintaining that website which helps so many people!

  2. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I want to recognize a couple of colleagues who have been particularly instrumental in the website project. Assistant Dean Emeritus Bob Bailey had the initial idea of bringing the CSDR together with the NAA on this project. His support and vision have been essential to our work. I also want to recognize the efforts of Professor Carli Conklin. She has been actively involved in the project from the beginning and has been very helpful in making connections with members of the Academy.

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