New Directions in Negotiation and ADR – reflections

Friday’s scholarship roundtable at Wash U was great, and I hope you enjoyed the nearly live blogging.  It’s always a good time to talk about good papers to help make them better, to catch up w/ folks in the field, and to meet some new people.  I know that the comments I received will make my paper better, and there were lots of great comments on each paper.  My favorite piece was Jennifer Brown’s on empathy, in part because it continues her excellent work on values based disputes.  My favorite project was Jim Cavarallo and Stephan Sonnenberg’s Human Rights/Conflict Resolution Clinic because of it’s potential impact on the world.  The project with furthest ultimate reach may be Jen Reynold’s work on how prior commitments influence interests.  Keep your eyes open for Volume 39 of the Washington University Journal of Law and Policy for the final product.  Thanks again to Karen Tokarz, Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, and CJ Larkin for hosting.

Here are links for the rundown of each paper w/ comments from Friday’s nearly live blogging.

Jennifer Brown – Practicing Empathy in Values Based Negotiation Roleplays

Bobbi McAdoo/Sharon Press  – Problem-Solving in the 1st Year Curriculum

Mike Geigerman – Pre-Mediation Caucusing   

Jim Cavallaro/Stephan Sonnenberg – Bringing Conflict Resolution Strategies to Human Rights Clinics

Jen Reynolds – How Commitments Shape Interests 

Andrea Schneider – Labels Suck

John Lande – Teaching Students to Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Art Hinshaw – Gender & Negotiation Ethics

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