ADR Law & Policy Update – Where Have You Gone?

I’ve been a subscriber to the National Arbitration Forum’s ADR Law & Policy Update for a couple of years now, and I have to say that I miss my weekly (or so) emails.  I’m guessing that the Update is a casualty of the NAF’s difficult summer (see here and here among other places), and that’s a shame.  The Update was a true service to the ADR community, giving us a heads up on various cases and legislation as they came down the pike.  Such information is great for creating class hypotheticals, writing final exams and preparing CLE presentations among other things.  Presuming the Update is gone, does anyone have any suggestions for other places to get such information?  I know some places for similar information, like the ABA’s fine Dispute Resolution Magazine and the Mediation Case Project at Hamline (see here), but I’m wondering if there’s something  that covers all the ADR bases and comes out more frequently.

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